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Luxury is at home here: In our motorhomes you’ll love the spacious and open layout – the exquisite materials and the best workmanship used here will delight you. Everything has been designed with the sole purpose of providing you with an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.

Tour Scotland in a luxury Motorhome.

There is no better way to see Scotland than from the luxury of one of our private motorhome...

Luxury Motorhome Hire Welcome to the website of the luxury motorhome hire company the number one place to hire a motorhome in the UK today.
This website has been designed to make your journey as smooth as possible giving you enough information to make your motorhome holiday as pleasant as possible with lots of useful information and links to many places you can visit and stay with your motorhome.
If you feel there is information we have omitted which would enhance your knowledge and experience while on holiday with your motorhome please let us know and we will review our website and the information you have provided and include it if we feel it is to the benefit of our users as our aim is to give you the best user experience possible.
Why Choose Us:
All our motorhomes are less than 12 months old so you know that the motorhome you hire is going to be the very best quality. If you also consider we have fully qualified mechanics and Mot station then you can be confident that the motorhome will be in pristine condition for you when you pick it up.

Another great bonus when you hire your motorhome with us is you do not have to pay any extra for a satellite navigation system as all of our motorhomes come with them built in as standard. We are also aware that many people like to take their bicycles with them so we have ensured that these are attached to the luxury motorhome you will hire at no extra cost.
These two little bonuses could save you a substantial amount during the hire period and we have added them in free as a thank you for using Luxury Motorhome Hire for your holiday travel. So if you are planning a trip in a motorhome either with friends or family or simply just want to get away for a few days with your partner then you can be assured the service you will receive from the Luxury Motorhome Hire Company will be second to none.

Hire a motorhomeLuxury Motorhome Hire

When you pick up your motorhome from us we have only one thing in mind and that is to ensure you have the comfort and luxury accommodation wherever you want to wake up. As we have personal years of experience using motorhomes we also ensure that if you want to do wild camping with the hired motorhome then you will have this option available to you to do this with our full range of motorhomes.

To find out more about your options for wild camping please give us a call on 01875 614 803/ 07711530900 or drop us an email with your enquiry and we will be happy to discuss it further with you. In our motorhomes you’ll love the spacious and open layout – the exquisite materials and the best workmanship used here will delight you.
Everything has been designed with the sole purpose of providing you with an unlimited sense of comfort and well-being.
So wherever you want to travel to using a motorhome make sure you start your journey in the capital of Scotland with motorhome hire Edinburgh as this is the best place to start your journey.
Once you have been introduced to all the functions of your motorhome and have completed all the necessary paperwork then you can just go and enjoy your holiday.
If you wish to plan your journey then Google Maps can be a very useful tool to use and can be useful for planning your route in more detail. Simply follow the link and it will take you direct to google maps. An alternative to Google is the AA route planner and this can also be found by following this link. Remember though all the motorhomes for hire at our Edinburgh office have satellite navigation built in free of charge.

Why Motorhome hire EdinburghLuxury Motorhome Hire Edinburgh

Edinburgh being the capital of Scotland is possibly the best place in the UK to pick up your motorhome for hire due to its history and the beautiful sites you can see within 1 hour of setting off with your motorhome. We have Edinburgh Castle less than 30 minutes away from when you pick up your motorhome and then you have the old city to admire which is a short walk from the castle, what a way to start your journey.
You can also walk to the most famous and expensive street in the UK, Princess Street which not only offers wonderful views of the castle but also has many traditional shops for you to browse through and all other types of shops you can think of.
You are then only a short drive in your hired motorhome or a 25 minute walk and you are then able to visit the wonderful Holyrood Park where the Queens Scottish residence sits and the Scottish Parliament is just across the road. We are sure you will agree that Edinburgh is indeed a wonderful place to start your travels off in one of our motorhomes.

Motorhome Hire Glasgow Luxury Motorhome Hire Glasgow

As we are less than 1 hour from Glasgow and the journey is mainly by motorway and Edinburgh city bypass then we are ideally situated to accommodate people who are looking for Motorhome hire Glasgow.

With our very competitive prices for pick up from Glasgow Airport then you can still afford to hire one of our Luxury Motorhomes. If you are considering flying into Glasgow airport then information on the airport can be found by following this link.
As Glasgow is the host of the 2014 Commonwealth games then there is some beautiful sites to see and with some of the best shopping in Scotland we are sure you will not be disappointed with what Glasgow has to offer. So if you are considering motorhome hire Glasgow then we are well positioned to help you with your needs as it is only a short journey before you will be in position of your Luxury Motorhome.

Cheap Motorhome HireCheap Motorhome Hire

When you search for cheap motorhome hire what are you really looking for or what are you willing to compromise to get cheap motorhome hire? When you go on holiday using a motorhome there is certain things you do not wish to compromise on to make your motorhome hire cheaper as longer term it could work out more expensive and not as enjoyable.

These include:

Insurance cover: trying to save on this could result in you paying large excess fees and loosing deposits and further charges even if the accident was no fault of your own.

Comfort: Most people travel extensively when they hire a motorhome and the last thing you want to do on long journeys is be uncomfortable so do not compromise on this as you want to enjoy your time as much as possible.

Reliability: Generally cheap motorhome hire means the motorhome is older than what we supply and can make your trip less enjoyable and the performance of the motorhome less reliable, do you really want this on your holiday.

Every motorhome or vehicle can incur mechanical or other failures but the chances of this happening with a newer motorhome are far less so enjoy your motorhome holiday and please don’t try and cut corners on price as this can lead to you having a less enjoyable time when you hire a motorhome.

Motorhome Holidays

Motorhome holidays can be a wonderful experience and if you plan it correctly then we are sure you will never look at any other holiday type again as there is no better feeling than wakening up in the morning knowing you can move on and see more beautiful sites on your journey. So one day Edinburgh, the next Glasgow or the Lake District or wherever you want to be, what a feeling that really is.

Having the freedom you get with a motorhome is special and that’s why so many people are turning to them for their holidays.

When you hire one of our Luxury Motorhomes you have the option of either staying at one of the many parks or you can wild camp the choice is yours.

We believe that we offer the public the best motorhome hire in the UK today as our motorhomes are all less than 12 months old and fitted to the highest standard to ensure you travel in comfort.

Reasons to rent a mobile homeReasons to Rent A Mobile Home

There are so many reasons why people rent a mobile home in the UK and we hope that some of the reasons listed will give you some ideas on why you should rent a mobile home.
The Ryder Cup is always a popular reason why people rent a mobile home.
Next is the British Open Golf championship. For this and the Ryder Cup it is advisably to make your booking well in advance as they are booked up quickly for these events.

Other events that are popular for people wanting to hire a motorhome in the UK include Motor bike racing and formula one car racing and again these dates get booked up very quickly so it is advisable to book early.

People also book motorhomes for festivals and for a variety of other reasons and July and August can be very busy months so if you are looking for motorhomes in these months it is advisable to book early.
We have put together a list of places you can visit and parks you can stay at to give you some ideas of what you can do when you hire a luxury Motorhome in the UK. We are not associated with any of the places or parks in any way and have only included them to give you some information to help you.

We are sure whatever reason you want to hire a luxury motorhome you will not be disappointed with our range and quality of motorhomes. If you have any question regarding the hire of a motorhome then please do not hesitate to contact us as we will be happy to help you with any questions you may have.
The team at Luxury Motorhome Rental would like to thank you for taking the time to read the website and we hope you have found it informative. Happy holidays and have a safe journey.

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Based in Edinburgh we supply the highest quality of motorhomes in Scotland. Rental can be weekly or for the weekend during winter months.

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